Nusa Penida snorkel for an unforgettable experience in Bali

Nusa Penida snorkel will complete your vacation experience in Bali. Here you’ll find beautiful nature that has become a magnet for tourists all over the world. You can explore this underwater beauty by snorkeling. Nusa Penida Snorkel – Exploring the Beauty of Nature Nusa Penida is a part of the […]

What do you know about Dive Centre?

Dive Centre is the base location where divers usually learn scuba diving or make guided dive trips at new location. Nusa penida dive centre is one of them. Divers will also find many beautiful spots to explore here. Benefits of Nusa Penida Centre Nusa Penida is the perfect place to […]

Tips For Safe Diving with nusa penida dive center

Dive center nusa penida offers a variety of facilities. As we all know, diving is a sport that requires safety considerations, that’s why it is very important to find the best dive center when you go diving, especially for beginner divers. At the diving center you will get various trainings […]

Snorkeling Tips at Nusa Penida Manta Point

An archipelago, Indonesia will always be famous for it’s ocean’s underwater beauty. With so many dive spots, local and international tourists spent many hours here to meet the beautiful fish and play with them among the beautiful corals. There are some diving spots in Indonesia where Manta Rays gather and […]